What is GXG Token ?

The GXG token is a crypto-share based and issued on the BSC blockchain. The token is a digital asset of GXG is the equity token of GXG Casino, and holders of GXG tokens can continue to receive rewards from the mining pool.

The tokens are automatically awarded to all the players for every bet made on This process of obtaining tokens through betting is called MINING. The token is credited automatically to the player's account in real-time. The result of the bet made does not affect the possibility of token mining, the player receives GXG tokens in any case.

Why Us

GXG is incorporated and has its own development history, offices, employees, and licenses. The platform is already fully operational and licensed in accordance

with international laws.The GXG token is initially issued to players as a reward. Tokens and the received reward are controlled only by the wallet of its

holder. Token holdersreceive income every 24 hours and can withdraw at any time without the need for wagering. The GXG token is highly

liquid. It has its own market value and is traded on various crypto exchanges. The token is the property of its holder.



The gambling industry is growing every second - Due to this hype, the number of gambling sites is also growing. But the sad truth is that there's not much difference between them. Bookmakers offer the same gaming content. They invest a lot of money in ads, but not in the players. The market is practically monopolized by big players. It looks like it’s almost impossible to offer something new and unique.


GXG has found the ultimate solution! We have tokenized our company. Our unique token is a crypto share. By playing on our site, players automatically become shareholders of our company. As shareholders, they receive a constant and daily income in GXG cryptocurrency. We finally decided to distribute 65% of the casino’s net profit to the players.

Token Economics

Our initial coin offering already Finished. Full details of the Token can be found within the platform.

5,000,000 Pre-Sale
45,000,000 MINING POOL

Farming and Staking Details

Staking > 1 50% APY
Farming > 1 250% APY
PURCHASE > 0 5% Bonus


Our roadmap is a planned where we take on the most complex problems and turn them into great solutions


For traditional casinos, the biggest expense in operation is marketing. That is to gain traffic to increase the number of players. Usually, this requires a huge amount of money, which can generally account for 40%-50% of the casino's total expenses. However, the revolutionary innovation of the GXG team broke this traditional model. We hope to transfer most of the benefits to investors rather than advertisers. While we chose to transfer the benefits to investors, investors received high returns. Therefore, GXG will gain widespread attention in the blockchain market. The resulting traffic will directly bring more players to the casino. A large number of players will become consumers of GXG casinos because of their attention to GXG tokens and their high-quality economic model. In contrast, the traffic obtained from the advertising market with huge sums of money may not be as effective as this. The huge sums of money that should have been spent on the advertising market have completely turned into investors' income.

Under normal circumstances, the investment income of many blockchain projects will gradually decrease as the number of people increases. The development team of most blockchain projects will hold a considerable amount of tokens and use high APY to attract investors to join at the beginning. But the token itself has no value and cannot continue to create economic benefits. When investors buy a large number of tokens, the team will also sell the tokens in their hands for profit. This is actually making money for investors, and the GXG team will never do this. GXG tokens will serve as equity tokens for GXG Casino. This gives the token the property of earning value while holding it. In contrast, the GXG team does not hold any GXG tokens in the initial stage. It is also impossible to sell tokens in the market to obtain benefits. The only way the GXG team can obtain tokens is by operating the GXG casino. When players place bets from the GXG casino to earn token rewards, the GXG team will also receive a corresponding proportion of tokens. This ratio is 65%-35%. In fact, the tokens earned by the GXG team also need to be achieved through continuous efforts to operate the GXG casino and increase its turnover. The profitability of GXG Casino has never been our only goal. What's more important is to make the GXG token economic model a sustainable economy. This allows GXG tokens to be listed on centralized exchanges in the near future. Let the initial investors get the best return.

According to the GXG token economic model, investors who hold GXG tokens or participate in pledged LP tokens will receive GXG Token rewards every day. The reward is issued directly from the Mining Pool to the investor's platform account. This process is called mining. According to the smart contract, 65% of GXG Casino's daily net income will purchase GXG TOKEN from the current market and automatically inject it into the Mining Pool. When investors receive GXG mining rewards, investors can choose to sell GXG tokens in the market to obtain immediate returns, or they can choose to continue to participate in pledges to obtain higher forward returns.

According to the GXG token economic model, 65% of GXG Casino's daily income will be used to repurchase GXG Token in the market. To ensure that investors can obtain long-term stable income. This is also the core part of the GXG Token Economic Model. As a blockchain casino, all betting and income of GXG Casino are also completely open and transparent. Therefore, the amount of each repurchase is also open and transparent. This will be an important basis for investors to choose to hold GXG assets for a long time. The GXG team will do its utmost to increase the turnover of GXG Casino and increase the purchasing power of GXG Token. With the development of GXG Casino, the daily repurchase amount will also increase.

You can sell tokens through a decentralized crypto exchanger for BEP currency by following this link: The received BEP cryptocurrency can be sold through crypto exchanges and exchangers available in your region. You can also withdraw funds to your Visa or Mastercard.